Rombo: Where Brown Never Looked More Grand

While the rest of the world is mesmerized with technology and mega-structures, I drowned my sorrows in a mystical caldera lake hidden in the territory of Rombo. There’s nothing likened to the rugged beauty of sun-kissed Africa. Photo-walking session: October, 2013. … [Read more...]

Ujamaa: Makonde’s Gift To The World

Intertwined figures locked in a dance, depicting a culture so universal that permeated unity which the society now seemed to be deprived of. The Makonde tribe’s intricate wood carvings was more than a story, it was the apologue of life. Photo-walking session: October, 2013. … [Read more...]

Signed, Sealed And Will Soon To Be Delivered

It is close. Again, I am still amazed at how successfully the project turned out. I have announced to  friends that the donations I have received last Friday will be the last ones and that I will not be accepting any more of their gifts thereafter in fear that I might pay for excess baggage. Today, … [Read more...]

Asante Sana

As I was huffing my bum home this afternoon with a huge box filled with donations, I kept telling myself in between breathers that all that weight was worth the smiles I’ll receive from the girls in the orphanage. It didn’t matter that I came home sweating like as if I just finished two hours of … [Read more...]

Nameless Sudanese Toddler: The Catalyst

10 years ago, after thoughtlessly going through my e-mails, I stumbled upon this disturbing photo of a Sudanese child struggling towards a UN food camp where a vulture patiently perched nearby. Photo credit: Kevin Carter I can still clearly remember the sinking feeling I felt and I couldn’t … [Read more...]