Leg 5 Of That Thailand-Cambodia Backpacking Trip: Almost Done

I have been meaning to finish writing about my first Thailand-Cambodia backpacking trip but never really got around to getting it done. Today, I am determined to do just that and I will not write about another topic until I have published this. an early Day 3 for the Tatlong Itlog Now, where did … [Read more...]

Leg 4 (How Many Legs Are There In This Backpacking Trip?)

Lunch was perfect! What can I say, I was too hungry to care about what we were eating. The more important thing was, we were sated and our feet were able to relax a bit before we continue with our temple tour. The next temple we went to was Ta Prohm Temple. This temple was built between the late … [Read more...]

Leg 3 Of That Unplanned Backpacking Trip: Thailand-Cambodia

When you go home late, expect that on the next day you’ll wake up late or even later than what you have originally planned. That was what happened to us exactly. After eating our (unexpectedly) scrumptious breakfast, we started our temple tour around Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our friend, Doi, was the … [Read more...]