Here Comes The Martial

The streets are relatively calm. Nothing outside the ordinary is really worth noting about, except that when night falls the streets are eerily quiet. Too quiet, almost frighteningly quiet. Why do I say so? Because my years in Thailand have vouched for this disarming observation, most especially in … [Read more...]

And I Said, “Let Me Learn From A Tree”

When I was cleaning Sam (my beloved laptop – yes, I have a bad habit of naming my personal belongings), I stumbled upon photos that I took of Chatuchak Park in Bangkok, Thailand last year. The season was about to change then while I walked around hoping to outwit the pang in my heart that had … [Read more...]

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Getting Permanently Inked

Last week, I have finally decided to use my vacation money for an ink that will truly be my own choosing. It was not like I have not been given a choice in my last two tattoos, I just didn’t have the right reasons. So just imagine how determined I was to get the job done. I had the perfect design in … [Read more...]

Cabbages and Condoms

When I first heard of Cabbages and Condoms, I thought that my friend was pulling my leg. Who would dare name his restaurant with something as vulgar as that, right? But because of its unique name, I wanted to try dining there but never really got the chance until my Tokyo-based friends, Kieron, … [Read more...]

Tiger Airways Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

When Ed and I were searching for my flight back to the Philippines about two months ago, we were ecstatic to have stumbled upon a cheap flight with Tiger Airways. I wanted to have the cheapest one possible to save money even though I was told by the organization that a reimbursement of my expenses … [Read more...]