There's nothing scarier than a love gone wrong. You know this because you have seen it too. We have all seen that uglier side of ourselves - how we succumbed to desperation which will then be accented by anger and hope; introducing us to what we thought were impossibilities and giving us new, … [Read more...]

To An Acquaintance Whose Continuous Sympathy Has Become Unwelcoming

I originally wrote this article during the first quarter of 2011 but when a friend continues to bug me with updates about that part of my past without me inquiring about it, it just got to stop somehow. I am reviving this article to remind people to give it a rest already. And the article went … [Read more...]

Whatever Happened To Forever? 6 Things We Need To Know

After having the usual lengthy phone patch with my bestfriend last weekend, I was able to list down four possible blog topics with his help. Today, I opted to write about how ‘forever’ is slowly becoming non-existent in many relationships these days. A few weeks ago, I was planning to write about … [Read more...]