Davao Burger Challenge

It all started a year ago when my personal facebook account was still alive and I can still exchange banters with my closest friends over the most elementary of stuff. On one particular day, I was doing the usual salivation over my favorite food – burger. No, I’m not talking about the “walking” … [Read more...]

Tubong Dabaw

People wonder why Dabaweños made such a big deal about the kidnap-for-ransom incident that happened last July 11, 2013 and I can’t help but frown. Why shouldn’t Dabaweños make a big deal out of it? Why should the mayor be castigated for the kind of method he used in addressing the problem? Why are … [Read more...]

Everything Japanese

In celebration of friendship, I have decided to revisit an article I wrote in my other blog. You see, just a few days ago, two of my closest girlfriends have called in a ‘truce’ (hopefully this was the right term to use). I was so happy that it helped me re-evaluate my recent dilemma. Sometimes, all … [Read more...]