That Distance Between You and Me

Ah the dreaded LDR – Long Distance Relationship. The dreaded possibility of things not working out because you are far from each other; the dreaded discouragement from friends and family; the dreaded paranoia over  your significant other’s whereabouts; the dreaded possibility of meeting another … [Read more...]

Yeah, I Have ‘Novel’ Friends

Through the years, we will be blessed with friends. Some will come into your life like a shooting star. Perfect and beautiful, but only for a short time. Like all other temporary things in your life, they too will disappear one day. Whether it was their fault or your fault, it doesn’t really matter … [Read more...]

Robin: The Best Friend

Amongst all of them, no one set the bar higher than acquaintance turned best friend, turned boyfriend, then turned back to best friend than my Robin. Yes, I will always refer to him as my Robin. Not many people understand this, but that’s just how it is between us and we never found the need to … [Read more...]