Death And The Many Changes

Death changes you. It not only shows you how different you are before the loss but it will also give you the opportunity to re-frame yourself thereafter. You still live in the same house, drive the same car, surrounded by the same things and the same people, but the world in general is … [Read more...]

Unlearning Lessons

I used to think that once you learned a lesson and have mastered it, that will be the end of it. I believed that learning a lesson will either be a result of an error, or of pure hard work and dedication. I obviously never realized that it can also be as gradual as the growth of your hair, where … [Read more...]

I Learned

And so I am in India where my first week was greeted by protesting women and a dreary chill which I can barely categorize as a likely weather. Now an hour has passed since that clock struck 12 and just to start my 2013 right, I decided to write about the things I have learned in the previous … [Read more...]