Let Us Suppose

Let us suppose that you (after going through one of the saddest period of your 33 years) have finally decided to end waging war with life, with plans, with people, with yourself because the shit you piled on your plate has gone up so high that even you have become disgusted with it. Let us suppose … [Read more...]

11 Memories Of My Father That Have Made Me Who I Am Now

One “1984. My father dragged 3-year old me with him in Yacapin Street, Cagayan de Oro City to run after his crazy wife who suddenly had the crazy idea of packing her bags and leaving everything behind because she had enough.” Run. Run after the things that are important to you, no matter how crazy … [Read more...]


There's nothing scarier than a love gone wrong. You know this because you have seen it too. We have all seen that uglier side of ourselves - how we succumbed to desperation which will then be accented by anger and hope; introducing us to what we thought were impossibilities and giving us new, … [Read more...]

Round And Round The Merry-Go-Round

When I was conducting my Kindergarten 1 class today, the Thai teacher and our assistants spent more time ensuring that our 3 year old rascals maintained the supposed-circle during our singing activity. The ones who were singing were the adults while the rest of the class hummed, squealed, ran in and … [Read more...]

To An Acquaintance Whose Continuous Sympathy Has Become Unwelcoming

I originally wrote this article during the first quarter of 2011 but when a friend continues to bug me with updates about that part of my past without me inquiring about it, it just got to stop somehow. I am reviving this article to remind people to give it a rest already. And the article went … [Read more...]