Boris: The First Of The New Firsts

How do you describe a man from Lugano who unknowingly made you pick up your paint brush again? That he is beautiful. That he let Italian roll out of his tongue whenever you asked him to do so, never mind if you didn’t understand a word he said. That he is almost as brilliant but in a melancholic … [Read more...]

10 Life Lessons You Will Learn From Moving Your Ass

For those who have been underestimating the capacity of sports, games, or physical education in an individual’s growth, this very short article is for you. You may be one of those who find all lessons that require your body to move to be completely irrelevant or one of those who just don't care; but … [Read more...]

It’s Called A Cause And You Can Have One Too

My ultimate project this year was to help. In any way I can, in every opportunity that comes my way. Probably by now, some of you would assume that I’m a delusional goody-two-shoes who is out to put Mother Theresa to shame. You assumed wrong. I’m not even close to that. I’m just another concerned … [Read more...]