It Wasn’t All That Bad

Of course, my India experience was not all bad. Now that I have made ears bleed and have provoked people to pull their hair out, I can now focus on that other (more pleasant) side of the coin. It’s not like I entirely hated the country; like what I always say, India has so much to offer. I guess I … [Read more...]

Rest Day Tuesday

After  receiving the happy news from a co-worker last night, I was quick to plan the day ahead. I told my best friend that I was going to sleep the whole day and will not think about work or will not think at all (period). So I slept late after skype-ing with friends and family for hours and woke up … [Read more...]

Qutab Minar: Embracing India

They say life only happens when you start embracing it; so here is my genuine attempt at embracing India --- an unplanned stroll around Delhi’s tallest fort, Qutab Minar, and its ruins Photo-walking session: January, 2013 … [Read more...]

Humayun’s Tomb: The Tomb That Inspired Taj Mahal

After our quick visit at India Gate, my co-volunteers and I quickly flagged an auto rickshaw to take us to the next part of our itinerary that day, Humayun’s Tomb. While on our way, I decided to check (and hopefully remember) nearby landmarks or streets that will help me find the place the next time … [Read more...]

India Gate, Not Indian Gate

Over the weekend, my co-volunteers and I finally decided that the weekends will be allotted not just for parties but also for opportunities to discover amazing India. So the trend will be, weekdays are dedicated for volunteer work but weekends and holidays are set for Dora-like explorations. To be … [Read more...]