Meeting Other Teachers: The Netherlands

The moment I saw my next postcard, I fell in love with it. I ogled over it first before reading the note at the back. It was a postcard from Jose and Jam; 33 year-olds from Netherlands who are both teachers. Jose shared that he taught yoga to kids the previous year and I found this really cute. … [Read more...]

Travelling Souvenir: UK

The fifth postcard I received was from Joanna – a 21 year old med student in the University of Bristol who was from Poland but is now residing in the UK. I was trying to figure out what the objects were in the postcard but stopped after a few agonizing minutes because it was silly. I scolded myself … [Read more...]

Finnish Anyone? Finland

My fourth postcard was from Arma, a girl working as an office secretary in Helsinki, Finland. She wrote a very short note in English at the back; but because I was intrigued with what the Finnish words meant in the postcard, I decided to bug Mr. G for help. This was what was written: Mansikkakku … [Read more...]

The Luck Of The Irish: Ireland

I finally received a postcard from Ireland with a women’s equality sticker and a shiny four-leaf clover stamped on it! Just perfect! This one’s from Emma who lives in the Southeast part of Ireland with her hubby and 3 cats. Yes, 3. Not 2, not 1 – but 3. snapshot of the Spanish Arch … [Read more...]

My Silver Medal: Austria

This is the second postcard I received via the postcrossing network. It’s one of those magic eye 3-D optical illusion cards. How to use it? You have to hold the postcard right up to your nose and very, very slowly pull it away from your face (in this article’s case, you will have to stick your nose … [Read more...]