Travelling Souvenir: UK

The fifth postcard I received was from Joanna – a 21 year old med student in the University of Bristol who was from Poland but is now residing in the UK. I was trying to figure out what the objects were in the postcard but stopped after a few agonizing minutes because it was silly. I scolded myself … [Read more...]

Finnish Anyone? Finland

My fourth postcard was from Arma, a girl working as an office secretary in Helsinki, Finland. She wrote a very short note in English at the back; but because I was intrigued with what the Finnish words meant in the postcard, I decided to bug Mr. G for help. This was what was written: Mansikkakku … [Read more...]

The Luck Of The Irish: Ireland

I finally received a postcard from Ireland with a women’s equality sticker and a shiny four-leaf clover stamped on it! Just perfect! This one’s from Emma who lives in the Southeast part of Ireland with her hubby and 3 cats. Yes, 3. Not 2, not 1 – but 3. snapshot of the Spanish Arch … [Read more...]