That Distance Between You and Me

Ah the dreaded LDR – Long Distance Relationship. The dreaded possibility of things not working out because you are far from each other; the dreaded discouragement from friends and family; the dreaded paranoia over  your significant other’s whereabouts; the dreaded possibility of meeting another … [Read more...]

Your Hair, Your Partner

People still wonder, despite of my clear depiction of what kind of life I want, why I am still not married or at least, not committed to anyone. (Whoever said that I was not committed to anyone? Maybe I’m just taking a different route by not broadcasting it to the world this time and specifically … [Read more...]

Whatever Happened To Forever? 6 Things We Need To Know

After having the usual lengthy phone patch with my bestfriend last weekend, I was able to list down four possible blog topics with his help. Today, I opted to write about how ‘forever’ is slowly becoming non-existent in many relationships these days. A few weeks ago, I was planning to write about … [Read more...]

8 Things You Should Stop Doing After A Break-Up

Yup, this is another cliché article about how chicks should move forward after their supposed lovers ripped their hearts and decided to make doormats out of them (Thank God I didn’t write this two years ago or else this would have been too dramatic); but then you know the real purpose of clichés, … [Read more...]