Another Reminder

This is bound. I knew it. Despite my many attempts of staying put. I simply cannot. I knew it was there but the signs were gradual this time – like that of a person growing old, inconspicuous as time passes until the period relentlessly screams of reality. I was going to travel again. Not to run … [Read more...]

Rombo: Where Brown Never Looked More Grand

While the rest of the world is mesmerized with technology and mega-structures, I drowned my sorrows in a mystical caldera lake hidden in the territory of Rombo. There’s nothing likened to the rugged beauty of sun-kissed Africa. Photo-walking session: October, 2013. … [Read more...]

Ujamaa: Makonde’s Gift To The World

Intertwined figures locked in a dance, depicting a culture so universal that permeated unity which the society now seemed to be deprived of. The Makonde tribe’s intricate wood carvings was more than a story, it was the apologue of life. Photo-walking session: October, 2013. … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Stone Town Of Zanzibar

People keep asking me why (so far, other than the Love Project) I only have a few articles about Africa. They even added, that for someone who seemed to be obsessed (take note of the term they used) with the continent, I seemed to have so little to write about it. Here’s my answer. It’s not … [Read more...]

The Legend Of The Mango Trees In Bungi

It wasn’t the most comfortable ride but Tanzania kept me enchanted in such a way that even the most unnerving incident could hardly irritate me. Everything about the place was like some captivating cuisine that left your palates wanting for more – from the Swahili that crushed your English, all the … [Read more...]