Why I Pressed The Reset Button

Friends and family have hounded me with questions for the past months and I have to admit that I have deliberately avoided people so I won’t have to narrate the darker stories I kept in my trunk about India and everything else related to it. It was tiring to repeat everything I went through, both … [Read more...]

It’s Called A Cause And You Can Have One Too

My ultimate project this year was to help. In any way I can, in every opportunity that comes my way. Probably by now, some of you would assume that I’m a delusional goody-two-shoes who is out to put Mother Theresa to shame. You assumed wrong. I’m not even close to that. I’m just another concerned … [Read more...]

Why Filipino Teachers Are Leaving The Coop

Although there are several variables to consider when we face the issue on the declining quality of education in the Philippines, the role of the teachers are often considered as the most controversial and the most impacting. There are many questions behind this and they generally boil down to the … [Read more...]