Young Geniuses

Aid workers are not only known as extensive travellers, they are also known for their creativity when the situation calls for it. Emergencies require it in order to come up with the craziest ideas; most especially when one does not have immediate access on the right resources and a natural disaster … [Read more...]

Tatang Constancio: The Survivor

About 4 months ago, I submitted an article to Oxfam Blogs about  Tatang Constancio, a 79-year old farmer who was one of the recipients of the Cash for Asset Recovery project in Dulag, Leyte. In the course of the Haiyan tragedy, Tatang Constancio helplessly watched the super typhoon devastate the … [Read more...]

Dark Are These Days

For the past days, I have been trying to block out the sound of a siren that usually overcomes my sensibilities when my heart is about to break. I just couldn’t imagine what the world has become. I knew that there were dangers in certain places but I also knew that there are always safe zones that … [Read more...]