Cu Chi Tunnels: Vietnam’s Labyrinth of War

When I went on a one-week trip to Saigon, part of my itinerary was to get lost in its subterranean labyrinth which was not known to many people – the Cu Chi Tunnels. How can I possibly not include this in my trip when I knew very well how these underground tunnels played an important role to the … [Read more...]

Getting To Know Saigon’s District 1

Because the morning of Day 1 was a ‘bed of roses,’ I decided to push my luck by venturing into the districts of Saigon on my first day. I thought, if my day started without some unlikeable commotion then I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong that day. The landlady of the guesthouse gave me a … [Read more...]

The Leap To Vietnam

My ability to block everything when I want to focus on only one thing has always been a welcomed respite; however I have to admit that it also irks most of the people around me because they don’t know what’s going on inside my wormy brain when I’m in that state. Obviously, my last two weeks have … [Read more...]