Thank You

This article is a tribute to all those who have assisted me in making my love projects “Handmade Postcards For A Cause” and “Volunteering Shirts For Change” successful. Whether you bought a card or a shirt, assisted in manning the stall and promoting volunteering to people, or you simply gave a donation, your help was greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t have achieved my goal without your assistance.

Thank You

This re-affirmed my belief that everybody wants to help as long as an opportunity is presented. With all that I can offer, I salute and say ‘Thank you.’

To Pi Noi, owner of the gym where I attend my Muay Thai classes in, who was always so willing to aid me with my projects and have gallantly initiated his own projects to keep children off the streets.

To Pi Wit, the owner of the funky cafe ‘Model Coffee’ who did not hesitate to feature my artworks in the art fair he was hosting.

To my so-called project colleagues – Robin, Kru Tum, Schenn, Andi, Minns, Ed, and Four, who were there from the very beginning to cheer me on and offer any kind of support when needed.

To friends and family who aided in their own ways by promoting my Handmade Postcards For A Cause album to people and believing that I can make a difference.

And finally, to everyone else who spared a few bucks in their pocket for this project;

  1. Alisa Sinwattanakul
  2. Andrea Camille Mangampat
  3. Angkhana Kanrano
  4. Cecil Untaran Comon
  5. Chantima Padungkan
  6. Charaskorn
  7. Chayawat Yaiprayoon
  8. David Kean Wong
  9. Doris Domasian
  10. Dyan Montoya
  11. Edcel Suyo
  12. Guilo Fajardo
  13. Jang Agunos
  14. Jaydee Urbi Cummiting
  15. Jennifer Mandac
  16. Jeremy Ell
  17. Jiranapa Rueangnikom
  18. Kanchana Junprapagorn
  19. Kanuengnit Nakasont
  20. Kittayaporn Khomrod
  21. Kunpatsanan Inti
  22. Leilane Manpatilan
  23. Major Mathuwan
  24. Mali Wohan
  25. Minerva Burgo
  26. Naphat Sukkasem
  27. Natrasa Kunkanoktheeraphat
  28. Nok Dithipeng
  29. Nongyao Nualpan
  30. Noy Kitiwachi Korat
  31. Pannarai Saveeram
  32. Peter Zhang
  33. Phasini Thowana
  34. Prachum Khamhnerdthong
  35. Pusadee Kongboon
  36. Robin Cases Jr.
  37. Scott Brown
  38. Simon Ward
  39. Somaxiv
  40. Supak Chanyaman
  41. Schennette Misty Lertjiraratong
  42. Sa-ngiam Lertjiraratong
  43. Tidathip Siriphan
  44. Vithupilai Krataithong


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