Thou Art Fair-bulous!

A week ago, I was given the opportunity to sell more of my postcards in an Art Fair and I was ecstatic! This was going to be the very first fair that I will be part of; where I got a chance to feature my work and promote something that is very dear to me – volunteering.


Originally, I was thinking of selling 25 postcards only and whatever was left of my ‘volunteering unites’ shirts but was convinced by my friend, Andrea, that I should at least prepare 50. I was a little skeptical because I barely had a week to prepare. I was doing the necessary math in my head based on the rate of work I was able to accomplish in the past weeks and according to that, it was possible but it was going to be one stressful week. I was a scared too because I was not the type of person who would compromise the quality of her work just to reach the quota.

Fortunately, at 11am yesterday, I was able to prepare 51 postcards but was only able to include 9 shirts in my merchandise. Yes, 9! Out of 60 shirts, I had 9 left to sell. (Thanks to Kru Tum who went out of her way to help me.)


The fair mainly showcased the work of the art and design group ‘Jan Ka Por’ and was hosted by Pi Wit, the owner of the funky coffee shop called ‘Model Coffee’ located in Saphan Kwai, Bangkok. The other stalls, which included mine, boasted of handmade knick-knacks, bags, collectibles, jewelries, amongst others. The main theme was ‘everything handmade, everything artsy-fartsy.’

Since it was a whole day event, there were different art-related activities set. There was live music and guests or stall keepers have the option to belt a few tunes if they felt like it.

activities 1

There was also a portrait sketching activity where one can sit and several artists will draw him or her for a price of “up to you.” Yes, seriously, up to you – you will decide on how much you will pay the work of the artist or artists if you liked several pieces.

molding clay

One artist also showed off his prowess in molding clay and everyone watched in awe as how five blocks of clay was transformed into a woman. It was beautiful watching him work. Oh, how I adore a man who knows how to work with his hands!

If you want to learn how to sketch or paint using water color, lessons were also being candidly conducted where all materials were provided by Jan Ka Por group.

art works 1

The event held up to its claim to being an Art Fair because it was truly one. Everything you saw and took part in was related to art.

Of course, the whole event won’t be complete without food and drinks. There was only one caterer but trust me, what he offered was more than enough. Other than his steak was exceptionally delicious, he was also sporting a very interesting apron! As for drinks, you can choose from the coffee shop’s array of delectable concoctions.


In the end, I brought back home 24 postcards out of 51 and 3 shirts out of the 9. Not bad, not bad at all. I was very happy with the the sale I made. I achieved more than what I have aimed for, with the aid of very supportive friends and colleagues who I just have to mention here. (Thank you Kru Tum, Schennette, Four, Ed and Uefa for helping me set up my humble stall and for manning it. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.)


(From left to right: Schennette, Me, Pi Wit, Kru Tum, Four ; Uefa was nowhere to be found and Ed was the one who took the photo)

I will write another article about the people who also supported my cause by purchasing the items that were being sold and kindly listened to me promote VSO and volunteering.

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  1. good jab Den! how i wish i was there with you to help out and be part of that artsy fartsy art fair 🙂

    • denramonal says

      bitaw doi oi…lingaw baya oi…although it was a lil slow sa beginning, midway through the day—nag-ump ra man…love you doiskie!

  2. Looks like it was a success and a great experience too! I liked the ‘up-to-you’ concept. I thought that’s quite unique. Good job!

    • denramonal says

      yes it was a wonderful experience! my first time and I was so nervous! i liked the concept too…people should do it more often.