Tiger Airways Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

When Ed and I were searching for my flight back to the Philippines about two months ago, we were ecstatic to have stumbled upon a cheap flight with Tiger Airways. I wanted to have the cheapest one possible to save money even though I was told by the organization that a reimbursement of my expenses will be processed once I arrived in the Philippines. This goes to show how much of a cheapskate I really am. For your information, we were quite proud of our little online booking accomplishment which only cost me THB 4550.00.


When I booked this, I have considered all possible hang-ups for promo flights like these. The possibility of a delayed flight was the one that I seriously worried about and this was why I booked my connecting flight to Cagayan de Oro City on the next day, instead of the same day, just to have enough time. (Take note that the plane was to land in Clark International Airport which meant that I also needed to consider my 2 to 3-hour travel time from Clark to Manila.)

Everything was dandy until last Friday’s call from a Tiger Airways agent named Judy. Judy (who was only doing her job) got my machine gun mouth shooting when she called in to tell me that my flight was cancelled and was moved to the next day. When she asked me if I was okay with this, I literally screamed at her the word ‘NO.’ After this, she immediately gave me my options. She explained that “due to technical difficulties” Tiger Airways decided to move my flight to the next earliest flight on the next day which was at 7:05 pm (I hardly categorize this early!) and of course, again I told her, “No, this will not do.” I went on to explain to her my connecting flight predicament which she told me she cannot help me with and repeated her ridiculous “due to technical difficulties’ spiel. This ticked me off even more. I told her that I will not break my father’s heart by saying that I cannot go to Cagayan de Oro anymore because Tiger Airways cancelled my flight (for those who do not know, August is my father’s birthday month). I insisted that I needed to get on that connecting flight because that was the only time I have to spend with my family before I go back to Manila for the workshop. I ended my speech with a firm NO LATER DATE REBOOKING.

_MG_4002 (2)

By this time, I was about to pass out and because Judy called me while at my school, I kind of scared my kindergarten students while I was angrily reasoning with her over the phone in the hall. What exasperated me about the agent was, she couldn’t seem to give me an out-of-the-box solution to the problem. I told her that since a later date rebooking was not a good idea, why not book a flight to the Philippines on that same day (Yes, on the same day she was calling me) and she said, “Yes, but.” I swear when I heard the word ‘but’ I felt the heat rise to my face while my heart constricted. (I was crazily thinking of hunting this Judy of Tiger Airways down!) She explained to me that the flight on that day was at 7:05pm (seemed like all the Bangkok to Clark flights are scheduled at that time) and that a 4-hour booking requirement was to be followed. I checked my watch and it was 3:20pm which meant that it did not fall under the 4-hour rule but I didn’t care. It was the only option that would work for me. I stubbornly told her that it was not my fault that she called in late and that I didn’t care what she needed to do but she better book me on the 7:05pm flight which was less than four hours away. I told her that I will wait on hold while she arranged it.

After about an eternity (it was more like 3 to 4 minutes really) she finally gave me some good news. She was able to book me on that flight that I requested for and have sent me a confirmation e-mail of the changes made to my flight. After heaving a sigh of relief, I quickly thanked her and dropped the call because I have less than four hours to pack for my trip and get to Suvarnabhumi Airport before the check-in counter closed.


Bangkok traffic is a killer so you could just imagine the constipated look on my face when I was inside the cab en route to the airport. I told the driver to get us there as fast as he can and that I’ll just add a little extra.

By 6:30pm, I have checked-in and was told that the flight was  delayed. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Yes, I was being a brat and I was not proud of it. After checking-in, I finally sat on one of those wooden benches at the departure area to compose myself and contemplate on the matter. My advice to myself: NEVER BOOK A PROMO FARE IF YOU HAVE A CONNECTING FLIGHT. Promo fares are only good when you’re not in a hurry.

When I was on board the plane, I realized that I was looking at the in-flight magazine of Sea Air which I found really funny.. I looked around and saw flight attendants wearing the Sea Air uniform and not Tiger Airways. I thought to myself, “What the hell? Was I on the wrong plane?” I started to panic but was then assured by another passenger who looked a lot like K-Fed (from the cap all the way to the humungous sneakers) that there was an arrangement made with Sea Air to accommodate Tiger Airways’ passengers for that flight to Clark. I sat down sheepishly after that and started chatting with the fake K-Fed who introduced himself as Yannik from Moscow. (Sigh…the people you meet when you travel!)

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  1. you’re home!!!!!!!!!

  2. Makalagot jud sila sa? had a traumatic experience with them too when i left bangkok. *sigh*

    • denramonal says

      gyud doi ai! ang akong heart lagi…sobra ang stress level! hahaha…but it’s over and done with so maong nakasulat nakog article about the experience…

  3. Shara Lee says

    Lol! As my hubby is one of the captains of the Bangkok to Clark, I’d like to apollogise for you trauma…. 7213 were cancelled that month due to lack of numbers, passengers, so flights were compressed and now coded 7212. Also there was only three planes to fly hongkong, malaysia, Bangkok and Singapore non stop if one breaks down there is no other plane to pick up the slack and as of the beginning of this month there is only one plane in service as the others have been moved to Manila…
    Sorry you did not get an explanation as to why your flight was cancled and thank goodness you brought up the idea to leave on an earlier flight.
    Hope you dad enjoyed your homecoming.

    • @Shara Lee,I don’t know how you stumbled on my blog but I’m glad that you explained the circumstance. It’s actually nice to hear someone from the company (well at least a rep from the company) hahaha…I had a great time with my dad and he was very happy that I got a chance to visit him. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂