To An Acquaintance Whose Continuous Sympathy Has Become Unwelcoming

I originally wrote this article during the first quarter of 2011 but when a friend continues to bug me with updates about that part of my past without me inquiring about it, it just got to stop somehow. I am reviving this article to remind people to give it a rest already.


And the article went like this:

“I am so fed up with people reminding me about what happened during the last quarter of 2010. I left Cebu because I needed a fresh start but it seemed like people will not let me be.

Yes, I know. I do not need to be reminded as I have always been the type who never forgets. I still remember the cruel words. I still remember the date as to when he turned his back on me. I still remember the place where he repeatedly lied to my face. I still remember my reasons for breaking my own rules. I remember every detail and my list is safely stacked in a closet that I can conveniently rummage when ever, where ever I find it appealing (and not when ever, where ever YOU find it necessary). The difference now is, I am done loathing him. It’s too tiring and all that negative energy is ruining my chi.

I do not need you to provide a vivid picture of how it was. I do not need you to pry on my current state just to satisfy your curiosity. I do not need you to encourage me to revisit the hateful feeling. I do not need your sympathy when time has made your news sour. The tragedy is over. That story has ended and I have written a whole new chapter.

A friend once mentioned that you have a choice to be happy, angry or sad and that all three required the same effort. I choose to be happy. I am no longer angry nor sad. I sleep fine at night, probably even better than you. I have re-organized my plans and I am on my way to reclaiming what I have discarded four years ago.

I know that this is not genuine sympathy you feel. You are just simply being your usual, nosy self. So please sell your story elsewhere because I am not interested. I refuse to be miserable like you.”

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