To Swim Or Not To Swim

A friend once asked me what was the craziest thing I did in all my travels and until last night, I would have remained loyal to my usual answer, but now I have a different story to share; because last night, I umped my thrill meter one notch by swimming naked in Boracay Island’s beach front.


For hardcore thrill-seekers, this may not be too appealing but for those who have not really tried it, it may get your heart pumping just enough to rattle your brain cells a little.

Why I did it? I was curious. Friends, who have done it, always said that there was nothing to it and that a lot of people do it all the time. Of course, this notion always made me frown because going naked in a public area was never to be considered ‘nothing’ and not a lot of people do it. My disagreement was a big factor to this curiosity and just to get it over with, I dragged my friend, Jan, to the most deserted section of the coast last night as my witness-cum-chaperone. (I certainly did not want to do it alone.)

Finding the perfect location was quite an ordeal. We had to walk to the farthest section of Boracay Island’s Station 3 because there were always people drinking nearby or lovers smooching in some dark nook. (Yes, I did NOT want an audience.) When we finally found our spot, we immediately got down to business for fear that someone might discover our little unconventional activity.

Skinny Dipping in Boracay Island

When I was removing my clothes, I told my friend that I might need to drink something first but thought otherwise. I definitely did not want to trouble anyone, most especially my friend, who was not planning to get wet and who had no plans of rescuing me if I drowned.

It wasn’t easy, I tell you. Stripping my clothes took more time than the actual swim. I was laughing uncontrollably and was scared like hell that someone might decide to lounge around in that area where I was parading my ass to the stars’ amusement.

I was thinking about a lot of things. What if someone passes by? What if some knucklehead decides to invade that section as well? What if someone had a telescope and was eyeing me right at that moment? All these silly ideas were running amok in my head and the adrenalin rush was almost similar to my first zipline experience where the man in-charge  had to push me without my knowing because I wouldn’t let go of the rope; which in this case, it was my friend who was urging me to do it already so we can go back to the hotel. And just like the zipline experience, once was enough. I was not doing this crazy stunt again.

Swimming butt-naked in Boracay

I swam for only about 15 minutes or so because it was unnerving when I was swimming in the dark. All that endless darkness was freaking me out and I didn’t feel safe. When I heard the waves bellow loudly while I was staring at a small boat being paddled by local fishermen, I took that as a cue (that the ocean wanted me to stop polluting it with my nakedness). I swam back to shore, got out of the water to run whilst covering whatever I can cover, and quickly put my clothes back on.

Was it worth it? If any of my silly ideas actually happened, then I would have said that the whole experience was not worth the embarrassment; but since none of those ideas came into light (Thank God!), it was worth the short time I guess. At least, I can say that I have tried it (but did not really like the experience) and have satisfied my curiosity. In short, another ‘what if’ was removed in my list and that was that.

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