Ube Ice Cream Anyone?

One of the perks of vacationing in an island is learning a skill without really planning to. Other than learning the usual ocean-lifestyle skills, if blessed with talented friends, you will get the opportunity to bring home something practical like cooking a certain delicacy which you might have been dying to learn ever since you chose it as a favorite. In this case, my one week in Boracay Island included being taught how to make homemade ice cream by fire-breather Jenda (with Jan’s insistence).


with my teacher Jenda

She really didn’t have a choice, you see. Jan dragged me to her apartment when he asked her if it was okay for her to teach me how. Of course, me being in front of her already, how could she say no? It would be rude to do so. After she grudgingly said yes, she was quick to set my expectations that the kind of ice cream we were making was not like the ones we buy in stores, nor will it be like the dirty ice cream being sold by Mamang Sorbetero; and like all old-fashioned recipes, there are no specific measurement. She said that we will depend on that occasionally reliable gut  feeling. She, however, assured me that it will be delicious. When she asked me what the flavor of the ice cream was going to be, I was quick to say ‘ube’ (purple yam in English).

Like everything I love, I will willingly share with whoever is interested; therefore, my dearest readers, I will teach you how to make your own homemade ube ice cream and add helpful notes.

1. Prepare your ingredients.

  • all purpose cream
  • condensed milk (or sugar)
  • coconut milk
  • salt
  • food coloring
  • food flavoring (optional)
  • fruit or root crop of your choice (mine was ube)

ube ice cream ingredients

2. Boil the root crop (ube).

When my mother taught me how to cook ube jam, her instruction was just to wash the root crop and put it in boiling water which was what I did but Jenda told me to take it out and peel it first. She said that although not peeling it will preserve the natural flavor of the root crop, it will soften faster if I do so. She also added that slicing it into smaller pieces will save even more time.


You must be wondering how long should we leave it to boil. Honestly, I was not paying attention to the time but we were constantly monitoring it while chatting. Again, old-school – when you stick it with your fork and it becomes soft enough to mash then they’re good to go.


3. Mash the ube.

After you’re sure that the ube is ready, transfer the pot to a lower place where you can mash with less exertion. Do not drain the liquid in the pot and just start mashing the ube like crazy.

mashed ube

4. Strain the mashed ube.

The trick in straining is to pour your coconut milk alternately while pressing the mashed ube on the strainer. Its main purpose is get rid of the remaining bits of root crop and achieve a creamier consistency.

straining the ube

5. Start stirring.

stirring 1

This part is the most tiring in the process. Since we do not have the advantage of a stirring machine, we have to brace our arms to stir our concoction continuously.

6. Continue stirring while adding other ingredients.

It’s important that you keep stirring. In my case, I was lucky to have my teacher Jenda and assistant cook, Jan, to take over the task every time my arms got weary. It will be helpful too if one will take charge in the stirring while another is adding the ingredients. When adding the ingredients, please follow this order: pinch of salt, sugar, all-purpose cream, and food flavoring (optional).

mixing the other ingredients

Try tasting it to check if it was what you wanted. You can add more food flavoring but be careful in not putting too much because your ice cream might become bitter. You can also add condensed milk as a sweetener.

Take note that the moment you added milk, the color of your ube will become lighter. If you want to retain the original color, add food coloring but remember not to overdo it. We only used 1/4 of the small packet we bought so that should give you an idea.

7. Keep stirring.

Yes, you’ll have to stir again and again and again. I mentioned that this was the most tiring part, right? Think of it as a form of workout for your arms. The good thing is, you won’t be doing it forever.

stirring 2

8. Transfer your finished product in a container and put in the freezer.

Once you are satisfied with the consistency, let it cool for a few minutes and then pour it on a container. Afterwards, put your ube ice cream in the freezer.

finished product

There you go! Tell me how it goes, okay? Good luck.

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  1. really? it’s that simple??? wow! will try this out one day 😉
    thanks for this quick home-made ice cream recipe den!

  2. nice… sige be, suwayan. humanda! hehehe.

  3. Sis!… I finally made this… but I used mango cuz I can’t find any ube. The kids and hubby loved it. 🙂 I will definitely make this again.

    • hey Bless! you tried it???! wow! that’s great…I’d love to try it pag naka-uwi ako jan…luto tayo together…try tayo iba like squash or something weird…lol

  4. I want to to thank you for this wonderful read!!

    I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it. I’ve got you bookmarked to look at new
    things you post…