Why I Decided To Start Blogging About My Travels

What Pulled The Trigger

Two months ago, after I have decided to take a breather from all the devout activities that strangely left me feeling disoriented, I found myself stuffing my backpack with travel necessities. In a span of 30 minutes, I was able to pack everything I needed for a 5-day trip and huffed my way to the Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal to join my friend, Doi,, who at that time, was spending her blogging hours in Chiang Mai.

chiang mai 2

After seven hours of travel, I arrived in Chiang Mai in a sadly, similar state as when I left Bangkok. I desperately tried to hide this from my friend when she picked me up at the bus station and even put up a brave, happy face. I could not understand what was happening to me but all I knew was that I needed a temporary escape route from my life in Bangkok.

chiang mai 1

I couldn’t find what I was looking for in Chiang Mai so Doi and I ended up going to another place, much farther and higher – Pai.

I first heard about Pai from Doi and she didn’t entirely give me details about the place. However, she referred me to a site which paved the way to what happened next. I fell in love with Pai and agreed to spend the remaining days of my vacation there.

pai 1

Pai was not your typical, sleepy town up in the north. It was, as we slowly discovered, a haven for free-spirited characters who loved their reggaes just as much as they loved their coffee; and who (to my amusement) partied hard in the night and mostly slept during the day.

pai 2

Every minute was an event to note. There was always something to uncover, places to stumble upon, or chance encounters to experience with persons from different parts of the world.

pai 3

During my stay there, it became clear to me what I was going through and realized what I have lost. Sometime in my daytime biking junctures or maybe during my late night coffee sessions with Boris, a friend I met in Pai, I learned that I have become the person who I was not and have allowed other people to mold me into someone who I did not want to be.

pai 4

I missed my old self. I missed meeting new people and just conversing about anything that the mind can indiscriminately think of. I missed making a decision without having to consult anybody first. I missed discovering new places. I missed learning new things without fearing for the consequences. I missed doing something random. I missed making a difference. I found out that the things I missed left a gaping hole.

pai 5

This was the reason why I wanted to start blogging about my travels; so that I will always have a reminder of what truly mattered to me and to never borrow someone else’s dreams again. This will help me remember not to lose myself somewhere, with the hope that the same purpose will serve my readers too.

pai 6

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