Why I Continue Travelling

People ask me why I could never seem to stay put, why I entertain that constant itch to travel even if it meant leaving everything convenient behind.

Sometimes, I give an answer. Sometimes, I say I don’t know. Sometimes, my reasons flash before me like a series of clips that were beyond black and white. Sometimes, I let them hover above my head like a crazy person’s halo. Sometimes, I write them down just to be certain that they were really mine and not someone else’s, to remember what I said to myself two birthdays ago – “At 5 I dreamed to travel, at 30 I travelled to continue dreaming.”

These are why I do the things I do.

1. In the name of ADVENTURE


Because it (truly) is an amazing big world out there and God created it that way so we will always be in constant awe of His wonders. If He wanted us caged, He would have placed barriers between where we are to where we dreamed of going. God never created gates, nor borders — we did that, we created our own walls because of our overwhelming sense of entitlement to lands that we laid claim on. He gave us beautiful sunsets to highlight vast plains, seas, and mountain ranges to remind us that no matter how difficult circumstances are,they all end somehow. He gave us the mesmerizing sun to rise the next day as a beacon of hope so that every one can start anew. He challenged us with mountains, high and low, to conquer. He filled the lands with sublime creatures that were made perfect based on the roles they play, just as we have our own purpose. He made every man different and every nation unique so that we will never fall into the trap of defining standards that will discriminate. We were all meant to learn a new skill, to speak a different language, to taste delicacies and enjoy them, to meet people with skin fairer, darker, or more scarred than ours,  to listen to stories passed by one generation to another and to feel, not just to understand.  He allowed us our will to use our knowledge to discover new paths, new means to make this world a better, safer place to live in.

All these are His gifts and who are we to refuse.

2. For love


Because love is so elusive and changes its face every time you thought you recognized it. It is so great that it cannot be confined in one person. It wasn’t meant to be contained in one vessel. It sleeps with a native child while his mother hums a lullaby. It lies beside the space between two lovers who have survived the test of time and distance. It appears naked like those trees stripped of their blooms when winter approaches. It magnifies itself in rallies and protests where the brilliance of red shakes the foundation of injustice. It hides, like secretly stashed notes written at the back of a receipt or bus ticket, in the pages of the book forgotten by someone who was probably in a hurry to catch the next trip out of the city. It is buried in the depths of your pet’s eyes, the same one that eagerly waits for you to come home. It interrupts the four or five-hour phone calls that leave your ears burning. It comes alive in eager learners who were not privileged enough to earn their education. It graces you with its presence with ridiculous sneezing when the right person finally found his way home.

It is everywhere, thus, it is an honorable mission to unmask its many disguises and discover its subterranean nooks. To never mark it with a white flag but leave it just the way you found it, so to be discovered by the next traveller who will happen to pass by.

3.  To keep the fire burning


Because we all want to have stories to tell to our children one day, with the hope that they will pass it on.

One day, I will be a mother and when that day comes, I want to be carrying suitcases of souvenirs – a kiss from Rome, a bottle of sand from Greece, a sari from India, a quest from Africa, a sketch from Malaysia, a backpack filled with narratives of different people whose paths intertwined with mine, postcards and letters from friends around the globe, and journals of obsession, anger, happiness, and faith. Souvenirs that I can share with my child with wild abandon, which will be unraveled every night before she slumbers. Years later, her bedtime stories will be her map to the world until such time that she will carve her own. She too will weave her own stories and find her place with as much wonder as she can muster.

So there you are. My reasons. What are yours?

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  1. saludo ako sayo kid..

    • hi bingtot! thanks and of course, salute to you too for continuing to teach the eager kids there… love love…

  2. I travel to live 🙂