Wind Me Up

When the plane landed, Velma (yes, the Velma Kelly in the musical ‘Chicago’) started drumming her solo in my head —

C’mon Babe, why don’t we paint the town… And all that Jazz.

I’m gonna rouge my knees and roll my stockings down… And all that Jazz.

Start the car I know a whoopie spot… where the gin is cold and the piano’s hot.

It’s just a noisy hall, where there’s a nightly brawl… And all that Jazz.

Ah Chicago, how do I describe thee?

Do I call you like how they usually do? The windy city? A name so commonly understood literally (because of your weather which involved sometimes strong gusts although there are other windier states out there) but originally meant metaphorically.

Do I believe what other people say about Chicagoans being braggarts? Or about them not paying attention to pleasantries because they were rumoured to be too busy for such and such?


Walking around the Navy Pier with the best friend.

Or do I just fall in love with you entirely? Like how I did with the colorful houses in State and Roosevelt Streets which reminded me that movies never stray too far from reality. How could I possibly not? Houses in most cities are often structured similarly, with the stoic-likeness of a robot– the same colors, the same set of greens sprouting in flower beds, same designs – but not the ones in these streets. Each house boasts of the homeowners’ characters that dare tell you that “I am as unique as the rest of the city.”

state street

Should I be captured by the sense of ‘lack’ in the city? That same sense which – no matter how much you have covered – you will always keep asking for more and striving towards another nook to conquer (because let us admit it, there is always something else here).

Even after I was mesmerized by the Cloud Gate (the famous bean), a public sculpture by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor, which was inspired by liquid mercury and distorted the city skyline without trying, I was thirsting for more. Never mind that the ‘omphalos’ or the navel gave me a headache and almost ruined a good walk around the Navy Pier. It was an amazing work of art that highlighted the city’s scrapers like a pro.

bean Cloud Gate

Should I not mind being ruffled up while walking the whole length of that famed pier while enjoying Lake Michigan? The lake itself was already a sight to behold but with the landmark there, the area became even more appealing. One can shop, watch a theater production, play at the arcade, eat food of variety (yes, you have a  whole strip of choices), hop on a sightseeing cruise, or just find a spot somewhere to sit and enjoy the vastness of Chicago. Hold on that hat pier

The Navy Pier.

Should I just let my feet bleed from walking miles and miles of splendor? There is not one street, one corner, nor one alley that depicted boredom.  Even the walls scream of convictions or causes that are often taken for granted in other places.

walk around chi

Should I?

Oh Chicago, I am not done with you yet.

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