Yeah, I Have ‘Novel’ Friends

Through the years, we will be blessed with friends.

Some will come into your life like a shooting star. Perfect and beautiful, but only for a short time. Like all other temporary things in your life, they too will disappear one day. Whether it was their fault or your fault, it doesn’t really matter because you just could never bring back what was.

Some friends will pop into your life like one, big surprise and will drown you in gladness; but then the sad truth about surprises is, they were not meant to happen everyday. So these friends, despite the greatest of all great times, they never meant to stay. They will come back though – one day, when a surprise is what you most need.

Some friends will come to you full. Yes, full. Full of what? Full of anything – shit, sad stories, lies, passion, money, experience, love, etc. You can go make a list for we all have one or two of each. These friends are like packed provincial trains. They’re so full, you could barely move in the tight maze of bodies that reek of sweat and urine. But, with sheer determination, you will endure this because the train will take you to your destination.

Some friends will strike you like HIV if you were not careful. They are bad news from the very beginning but you just couldn’t resist them and it will take you years to discover that you have been duped. Like any HIV victim, you will forever be branded for your negligence and you will watch your life slowly fall apart like how your body will as time passed.

But there are some who will keep you mesmerized like a good yet under-rated novel. These friends are the novels that were beautifully written but just didn’t get enough advertising opportunities. They are the ones whose pages you will painstakingly flip and follow because each page makes you cry or laugh, makes you feel nostalgic or angry, or all rolled into one. Even when you are done reading the novel, you could never put it down because it’s such a darn good book to be gathering dust somewhere, so you read it again and again and again.

My Novel Friends

Like what I wrote in the beginning, through the years we will be blessed with friends and I like to think that I have many ‘novel’ friends. The same, good ones that I lovingly filed in my reading nook. The same, good ones that I pick out to read again for the nth time every chance I get. I have many ‘novel’ friends and that is what’s important. What’s important is to have friends who will love you despite your faults; who will argue with you when you allowed one kiss to steal all your senses; who will sit silently beside you when you have your melt-down; who will urge you to be whoever in whatever field you deemed you owned; who will bluntly say that you are being a bitch to your face; who will slap you with the cold, harsh truth if you were pretending that it was something else; who will get lost with you in new adventures; who will willingly carry your child when you need to rest; who will even be missing for a while because they too need some time alone to find themselves in this crazy world.

Yes, my ‘novel’ friends are all rock stars and I thank God everyday for putting them in my path.

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