Z For Zombie

Three years ago, my friend Arvy suggested the book “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” and three years ago, I hated zombies. I thought of saying “Nah…I’ll pass” but decided otherwise after she gave me snippets of the book.

world war zGood decision.

It was an interesting read indeed. The writer, Max Brooks, did an excellent job on intrinsically describing every detail that it was almost likened to an actual movie experience! The best thing was — it was not only about blood, guts and rotting corpses. The plot surprisingly made more sense than I anticipated. It was a socio-political satire which was horrific not just entirely because of the zombies, but also because of the narrated responses of the community to the supposed ‘Great Panic.’ The responses were just too plausible; knowing that it was close to reality made me put the book down once in a while because I felt like kicking someone.

I loved the writer’s subtle way of criticizing the governments all over the world. I loved the fact that corporate profiteering was not spared. I loved how he bashed the very nature of men when tragedy struck which was ultimately dependent on the kind of culture they grew up in. I loved how every character or event represented a certain kind of dilemma in real life; like the zombies being similar to terrorists, a pandemic, or a natural calamity which one can never control. I love them because they say so much about the truth in the kind of world we live in.

There was only one part of the book which I felt was lacking. I wanted more narratives about animals and their positive contributions to the zombie war. I can only remember two stories about them, one — about the dogs made as partners in luring the zombies (heroic but sad) and two — about the whales as food for stranded survivors and the lurking zombies at sea (practical but sick).

i love zombiesLike what I mentioned, 3 years ago, I hated zombies. Now? You know the answer to that. This book was the reason why I started obsessing over zombies – from toys, movies, tv shows, shoes to games.

Anyway, my dearest readers, I think you should read it. I’m quite certain you will love it just as much. Read it so you’ll understand what I am talking about. Read it before you watch Brad Pitt murder the book in the big screen.

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